Population Health Management Framework Webinars

Population Health Alliance (PHA) members will present their work and research in a new webinar series, PHM Virtual Brown Bag Series, that will offer guidance and clarity on the core components of the Population Health Management (PHM) framework.

Upcoming Webinars 

Digital Health for Kids and Families 
November 17, Wildflower Health and Kurbo Health

Past Webinars with Recordings

Diabetes Prevention Program
Listen to the recordingCanary Health and Solera Health

Digital Surveys and Actionable Data to Engage ACO Stakeholders in Population Health
March 19, Indiana Lakes ACO, LLC

Comparing Apples to Apples: How to Use the HERO-PHA Core Metrics Guide
Listen to the recording,  Population Health Alliance (PHA) and Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO)

The Reputational Threat from Tainted Research: Best Practices for the Population Health Community
Listen to the recordingSidorov Health Solutions

Screening Tools for Population Health, Finding a Way to Help 
Listen to the recordingOptum

10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Employee Health Program 
Listen to the recordingHealthFitness

Technology adoption patterns across: Does age matter?
Listen to the recording, Sensei

101: A Primer on Applying Behavioral Economics to Population Health Management
Listen to the recordingstickK.com

Do Workplace Health Promotion Programs Work?
Listen to the recordingTruven & Optum

Engagement in Population Health Management (PHM): A Different Perspective
Listen to the recordingHealthSciences Institute  

Improving Population Health Value through Advanced Analytics
Listen to the recording, Predilytics, Inc.

Conversations that Drive and Sustain Change: Can Talking with Virtual Humans Change Behavior?
Listen to the recordingKognito

Improving outcomes for patients with multiple chronic conditions who are not yet very sick
Listen to the recording - View the presentationDPS Health

Understanding the Landscape: An overview of the Population Health Management Framework
Listen to the RecordingPHA and American Specialty Health