Value on Investment (VOI) Workgroup Charter


Purchasers of population health management (PHM) programs adopt a comprehensive value proposition which captures the business impact.

1. Define the scope of the VOI construct
2. Determine a compelling rationale that is embraced by PHM purchasers (business case)
3. Endorse or publish meaningful and practical metrics that can be readily measured or methodologies which provide credible estimates (user’s guide)
4. Saturate the industry (leading purchasers, consultants, industry partners, accreditation entities) with appropriate information

Answer the following 

1. What does the Value on Investment construct encompass regarding both outputs and inputs?
2. How do the outputs align with purchasers’ (employers, health plans and government) strategic priorities?
3. How do the inputs align with the PHM provider’s strategic priorities?
4. What are the barriers to a purchaser acceptance of a broader value proposition and how can these be addressed in developing a compelling rationale? Does this differ by purchaser type?
5. How do we document and disseminate this rationale in order to meet our goal?
6. What practical measures and methodologies best assess value components and will be readily adopted? Does this differ by type of purchaser?
7. Are other initiatives producing adequate documentation regarding metrics and methodologies or should the VOI workgroup develop?


1. Applies to all types of population health management programs
2. Engages employers, health plans and government purchasing perspectives
3. Aligns/Integrates and coordinates with other industry initiatives
4. Leverages PHA/HERO metric initiative