Research Initiatives

Every year, the PHA Quality & Research Committee identifies subcommittees and work groups to accomplish the research agenda, and the Q&R Committee itself is comprised of the participants in these groups. The process to establish the research agenda begins with a face to face meeting of the committee members at PHA Forum. 

The Quality and Research area of PHA began the process to develop and seek comment on a Research Agenda. This three-step process has provided the opportunity for additional feedback from members.

  1. Hosted a strategy meeting with key Quality and Research volunteers in conjunction with PHA Forum. During this meeting a list of draft research priorities was shared with the group for comment, feedback and potential additions to the list.
  2. Distributed the revised draft list in an electronic survey format to the Quality and Research Committee and the PHA database. The survey asked respondents to prioritize the list based on their own perceptions of the research needs of the industry and the PHA membership, as well as to comment on the areas or suggest topics not on the list.
  3. Summarized the prioritization and comments from the survey and convened a small group of members to use this feedback to develop the final research priorities list.

With feedback from the first group, a list of criteria was developed for the survey respondents and final prioritization in steps 2 and 3.

Criteria included:

  • Important to industry.
  • Important to PHA members.
  • Feasible to accomplish within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Leverages existing research.
  • Potential to influence PHA advocacy efforts.
  • Potential for international relevance.

The outcome of this process is the following proposed list of priorities for Quality and Research:

Engagement Initiative

The Engagement Subcommittee is charged with establishing a definition of engagement that broadly defines engagement with one’s health. The Definition & Framework Work Group has been developing and refining a definition for recommendation.

Next, the subcommittee will divide into four additional work groups to develop a value proposition for improving engagement levels within the context of four key levers: Communications, Rewards & Recognition, Culture/Organizational Support, and Technology. These work groups are forming now, so it’s the perfect time to become involved in the work if you’re not currently on the subcommittee. If you’re interested in joining the work, please contact Karen Moseley ( or 202.737.5426).

Value on Investment Initiative

The VOI Work Group currently is focused on two deliverables: presentation at PHA Forum, and a VOI messaging survey. Members of the work group will present a work group briefing and lead discussion on “Value on Investment: Making It Relevant in the Marketplace”. 

The VOI messaging survey is in the concept stage with the ultimate goal of identifying vehicles and areas of sensitivity in order to develop messaging that would fill knowledge gaps or areas of misunderstanding for a variety of stakeholder groups. If you know of existing surveys that touch on the VOI concept in any way, please send the information to Karen Moseley ( or 202.737.5426).

International Task Force

Currently, the task force is focused on strengthening international alliances, similar to the agreement with ASAP – the Brazilian association. Anyone with a focus outside the U.S. borders is invited to join the task force. To join, contact Karen Moseley ( or 202.737.5426).

HERO-PHA Measure Development Collaborative

Two deliverables from the Program Measurement & Evaluation Guide have been produced: an executive summary and a brief overview document. The final detailed report representing the evidence behind the recommendations is anticipated to be released next month. The joint steering team has started the next phase of this initiative which will include beta testing of the recommendations and convening the collaborating organizations.