Research Committees

Call for Volunteers

As approved by the PHA Board of Directors, the Quality and Research priorities for 2016 will focus on the an updated population health management guide. New work groups are forming for the initiatives, and current groups are open for new volunteers. Space is limited for each of the groups. Once the slots are filled, a waiting list will be developed. Each group will meet on a regular basis via conference call. Active and consistent participation is expected. Additionally, we are releasing work on the following from prior years.

Engagement Subcommittee 

Purpose: To recommend a standard definition for engagement within the context of population health management, as well as how it can be measured and reported. This definition will ideally include a framework that identifies stakeholders, key levers to engagement, and key performance metrics. This group will develop a value proposition for improving population engagement levels within the context of the four key levers (communications, rewards and recognition, culture/organizational support and technology) that are believed to directly impact engagement.

  • Definition & Framework Work Team
  • Communications Work Team
  • Culture/Organizational Support Work Team
  • Rewards & Recognition Work Team
  • Technology Work Team

Value on Investment (VOI) Definition & Practices Work Group

Purpose: To define value on investment and identify best practices within the industry.

Physician Liaison Group

Purpose: To provide guidance on the physician perspective within current PHA research initiatives.

International Task Force

Purpose: To discuss current population health topics as they apply on a global scale.

Program Committee

Purpose: To review educational abstracts and make suggestions for inclusion in the annual PHA Forum.