The Principles of Population Health Improvement

We strive to improve health outcomes across populations...

  • Improving health status  and holistic person well-being
  • Reducing avoidable healthcare costs
  • Driving healthcare innovations that produce measurable economic value

... through individually-targeted, evidence-guided solutions and support ...

  • That take coordinated action to reduce inefficiencies and close gaps in the delivery of care
  • That apply scalable, disciplined, and coordinated operational and technological approaches
  • That are held accountable through systematic measurement of outcomes
  • For people at all stages along the continuum of care (well, chronic, acute and post-acute)

... implemented across an evolving spectrum of community, care, and employer settings, operating approaches and payment models ...

  • Bringing new technology and approaches into wide application
  • Bridging the gap between broad-scale public health initiatives and individual care
  • Integrating into the work of health systems and providers
  • Utilizing both private sector innovation and public/private partnerships