About the Population Health Alliance

Over the last 10 years of advocacy, coalition building, research, and education, the Population Health Alliance has led a network of members and partners in raising the profile of population health improvement models as key components of health care transformation.

We believe that a healthcare system that systematically, and through innovation, applies the principles of population health improvement leads to measurably better health outcomes for individuals and populations.

The mission of the Population Health Alliance is to advance the principles of population health improvement, so they become pillars of our healthcare system.  Those principles are to strive to measurably improve health outcomes across diverse populations through targeted, evidence-guided solutions and support across an evolving spectrum of care delivery, workplace and community settings, best practice operating approaches and payment models.   

These principles are embodied and furthered by the work and thought leadership provided by the Population Health Alliance 's members who represent a range of stakeholders in the health and healthcare system – employers, providers, insurers, government agencies, advocates and technologists – with a common goal of advancing population health.

The Population Health Alliance provides its members a fostering, evolving platform on which to share, collaborate, apply and advocate for evidence-guided knowledge, technological advances, and best practices that grow and strengthen population health efforts, and its increasingly positive role in the healthcare system.