The Value of Membership

Population Health Alliance members gain the opportunity and support to advance brand awareness, achieve common goals, maximize communications and information and respond to industry needs and issues with the strength of a broad-based coalition. Among the most important and tangible benefits of Population Health Alliance membership is the ability to communicate and work directly with other industry leaders through committee and work group activities and annual meetings.

Your Seat at the Table

As reimbursement shifts from fee for service to outcomes and value-based models, as technology continues to put health management tools and information in the hands of consumers, and as big data analytics enables deeper understanding of cost drivers and consumer preferences, the Population Health field is exploding with growth and innovation.

The opportunities for organizations in the Population Health field have never been greater.  And, with opportunity often come challenges.  Will federal and state regulators and legislators create an environment that enables or inhibits Population Health?  Will rapid advances in mobile health platforms disrupt or enhance current Population Health efforts?  Will organizations new to the Population Health field need to repeat the mistakes of the past or can they take advantage of the two decades of learnings from established wellness, health promotion, and disease management providers?

PHA can provide you with a seat at the table to develop and your business and business model, speed up product development cycles, and further your staff’s development.  Join our broad-based membership to shape the Population Health field, develop and disseminate best practices, and network with buyers and sellers of Population Health services and tools to build your business.


What We Do

The PHA is the only non-profit industry trade association representing the full range of companies, organizations, and individuals in the Population Health field across the continuum of care. 

The Population Health Alliance exists to advance the evolution of Population Health.  We do this through a series of activities designed to convene the industry and other stakeholders to strengthen our voice, promote the innovative solutions of our members, foster learning to facilitate innovation and best practice, and advocate to assure that the purchasing, legislative, regulatory, and policy environment is conducive to our members’ interests.  


What You Get

    • ONLINE
      • Your company will be featured in a PHA press release when you join
      • Your company’s logo will be featured on the PHA Members page with a direct link to your site
      • eNewsletter recognition – Did you have a recent contract win or award? Have an exciting company announcement? A groundbreaking white paper? Let us know and we’ll feature it in our newsletter to share with a distribution list of over 5,000 payer, provider, and industry executives. This is $500 cost for nonmembers.
      • Feature your organization in our Population Health Resources Directory to highlight the services you offer, where they are offered, and to whom they are offered
    • WEBINARS – PHA members have the opportunity to present one webinar annually through PHA at no charge, a $5,000 sponsorship for nonmembers, with typically more than 500 participants. Learn more
    • GUEST BLOGGING – PHA members can submit posts at no charge for our PHA Voice blog which has over 900 followers
    • SOCIAL MEDIA - @PHAVoice twitter (850 followers) and our LinkedIN group (1,850 followers) are both very active. We’ll retweet you promote your discussions in our LinkedIN group
  • Population Health Management Journal online subscriptions valued at $1157 each
    • 1 Subscription:  Annual membership dues less than $5,000
    • 2 Subscriptions: $5,000  membership dues annually
    • 5 Subscriptions: $10,000 membership dues annually
    • 12 Subscriptions: $20,000 membership dues annually
  • CCP Certification – PHA member receive 25% off all CCP certification provided by HealthSciences Institute, a value of nearly $350 per person

Shape the Industry

    • VOI
    • The Health and Wellness market is in the midst of rapid regulatory change with the EEOC, Departments of Labor, Justice and Health and Human Services weighing with rules and regulations. The government affairs committee is involved with legislative and administrative agency activities with an eye towards promoting and educating decision makers on the importance of population health approaches.
    • Chronic care management and population health are being woven into new delivery and payment models for Medicare, Medicaid, commercial and multi-payer initiatives. Our Committee examines and promotes and advocates for best practices to regulators and legislators.  
  • BOARD OF DIRECTORS – only PHA member are considered for nomination to the PHA Board of Directors

To learn more about the value of Population Health Alliance membership, contact Allison King at  or (202) 737-5476.