Walking Learning Labs

PHA Forum will again offer the Walking Learning Labs as another learning opportunity for attendees and yet one more avenue for exposure for our Innovator Hub Sponsors. The labs will offer the opportunity for vendors to present live demonstrations of the application of key components of population health management.

Attendees will pre-register for the Labs and will be guided through them by PHA researchers, who will introduce the topic, set up a series of questions and walk the exhibit hall, The Solutions Zone, with the attendees to visit four or six selected booths to provide hands on demonstrations.

Population Health Alliance (PHA) defines population health management (PHM) as a systematic approach to coordinating preventive and chronic care to enable every person, regardless of health status, to achieve a healthier, more productive life. This is accomplished by providing individually customized, evidence-guided programs, information and support, tailored to each specific segment of a defined population.

Critical to the success of PHM are understanding the population through strong data analytics, promoting participant and support system engagement and activation, and cultivating close ties with community and social service organizations and healthcare providers directly responsible for care. The PHA process model highlights the essential elements of a PHM program and how those components relate to one another. These components include:

  • Health assessment,
  • Risk stratification and predictive modeling,
  • Enrollment and engagement strategies,
  • Patient-centered interventions, and
  • Evaluation of program impact.

To apply to be part of our Walking Learning Labs:

  1. Pick your Innovator Hub (booth) early... we need time to develop the program. Check the Sponsorship Prospectus.
  2. Select your 1st and 2nd choice for Walking Learning Labs.
  3. For each choice, tell us what solution/strategy/tool you would demo and how it contributes to the objectives of that choice. (100 words maximum)
  4. If you are selected, we will contact you to request more information and provide the details.

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Walking Learning Labs Topics

Employers: Population Health Management for YOUR population

 emp-dps-health    emp-hooper-holmes    emp-interactive-health    

While the definition and key components of population health can be applied to any population in a variety of settings, there are special considerations required to be successful for employers. Worksite programs for employees can range from a few wellness offerings to a full spectrum of wellness, risk management, and chronic condition management programs. We look to the PHA process model for the key elements, regardless of the breadth or depth of these programs. This walking learning lab will help those who serve an employee population to answer questions like:

  • How do I initiate a health assessment and what tools are available?
  • What data considerations do I need to consider for risk stratification and predictive modeling?
  • What strategies have been proven successful in engaging employee populations?
  • What interventions can be offered at my worksite and how can multiple interventions be coordinated?
  • How do I analyze the program data to determine the success of my program(s)?

ACOs: Population Health Management for YOUR population

 aco-cardiocom    aco-emi    aco-eqhealth    aco-sun-health

Clinicians, hospitals and other providers are integrating as ACOs with an eye toward better care, improved health and lower costs. ACO's present unique delivery options and have different requirements and measures they must meet as they seek to successfully manage their populations. This walking learning lab will help ACOs to answer questions like:

  • How can I create actionable information for physicians and case managers to treat patients with the greatest needs and who are at highest risk?
  • How can I create a network of mobile, connected, empowered and flexible care management that makes full use of clinical teaming and shared decision-making?
  • How can I maximize data liquidity and data analytics to leverage health information technology and understand the underlying drivers of outcomes for my population?

Engagement again! So, how do we do it?

eng-active-health   eng-kidshealth   eng-optum   eng-predilytics
eng-accenture   eng-health-eng-systems   eng-healthwise   eng-teleperformance

Engaging a population is key for those seeking to maximize the value of health improvement investments. Once individuals in a population are identified, population health management programs should utilize proactive strategies to enroll and engage participants in the program. New modes of recruitment and engagement; communication personalized to individual preferences, novel incentive structures and the use of behavioral economic principles need to come together to create meaningful engagement. This walking learning lab will answer questions like:

  • How can I incorporate technology solutions to increase engagement?
  • How can gaming and other tools be used to sustain engagement?
  • What tools are available to me to identify, enroll and engage the right individuals in my programs?
  • How can personalized communications enhance program success?

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