Webinar: Improving outcomes for patients with multiple chronic conditions who are not yet very sick

From September 04, 2014 12:00 pm until September 04, 2014 1:00 pm Save to calendar

At Population Health Alliance 701 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest #700, Washington, DC 20004, USA

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This presentation will demonstrate how an integrated approach to outreach, education, engagement, activation and intervention improves short-term and long-term business and health outcomes when applied to the Moderate Risk segment of the population.

Health plans and at-risk providers treat a growing numbers of moderate risk individuals with one of more chronic diseases who are sick, but not yet very sick, because they don’t have end-organ damage.  

These individuals can be identified by the conditions they have, their increased visits to healthcare providers, and the medications and durable medical equipment they use.  

They have modifiable risk factors that if left unchecked worsen their conditions, and lead to additional diagnoses

They have higher than average medical claims without significantly higher rates of hospitalization or emergency department use. 

The sources of their increased costs make strategies for improving outcomes and saving costs different than traditional disease management or wellness programs.

Effective approaches need to be at a price that generates ROI/ VOI to the targeted population.

Fortunately the same behavior change approaches that improve chronic conditions’ outcomes (e.g., lifestyle and self-management support) effectively prevent the addition of new conditions.

This presentation describes DPS Health’s two tiered approach to impacting disease trajectories of moderate risk individuals and its business and clinical outcomes.

Tier One

  • Outreach & Education: multi-channel print, email, telephonic communication.
  • Activation & Engagement: videos, article content, monthly newsletters, chat, ask-a-coach
  • Year-long lifestyle change and weight loss derived from DPP’s lifestyle intervention.  Digital: University of Pittsburgh; telephonic: SUNY Upstate
    • Online or telephonic education - 16 weekly and 8 monthly lessons
    • Dynamic behavior goal-setting, planning and tracking
    • Digital or telephonic coaching

Tier Two

  • Year-long disease self-management support online or in-person developed by Stanford University. 
    • Peer-led six week group
    • Interactive workbooks/educational content
    • Action planning/reviewing
    • Ongoing peer support supervised by profession mentors  


Neal Kaufman

Neal Kaufman, MD, MPH Chief Medical Officer, DPS Health

Neal Kaufman, MD, MPH, is Chief Medical Officer of DPS Health, an innovative technology-enabled population health company founded in 2004 based in Los Angeles. He is adjunct Professor of Pediatrics & Public Health, UCLA. 

Neal founded DPS Health to enable the healthcare industry to engage with individuals with, or at risk for, chronic disease and empower them to adopt and sustain behaviors that improve their lifestyles and self-manage their conditions. DPS Health does this by creating, implementing, evaluating and commercializing self-management support interventions which are technology-enabled and clinically-linked.

Neal was an academic practicing physician and public health professor for 27 years with responsibility to plan, implement, evaluate and evolve health and social services approaches at the individual, family, clinic, community and governmental level.

Neal received his BA from Northwestern University, his MD from the Chicago Medical School, his pediatric training at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and his MPH from UCLA

Adam KaufmanAdam Kaufman, PhD, CEO and President, DPS Health

Adam is a pioneer of self-management support technology and solutions that drive behavior change, promote improved outcomes and reduced healthcare utilization.  He combines unique expertise in program design and deployment with health economics and insight into what drives value-based healthcare.  He has led the development, rollout and evaluation of solutions currently used by dozens of healthcare organizations touching tens of thousands of patients daily. 

Prior to joining DPS Health as President and CEO, Adam was General Manager dLife Healthcare Solutions.  From 2009- 2011 he was COO DPS Health and adjunct assistant professor of Economics at University of Southern California.  Adam completed his Ph.D. in Applied Economics focusing on micro-economic models of health behavior choice from USC.  He received a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School, and a B.A.S. in Systems Engineering from University of Pennsylvania. Upon graduating, he received a Fulbright Scholarship for work and study in Mexico. 

Listen to the Webinar Recording


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