Tehseen Salimi MD

Head of Medical Affairs-Primary Care and Women's Health


A Healthcare Executive with over 20 yrs. of experience as medical leader ,motivated by a deep desire to improve Quality of care & Patient outcomes. Entrepreneurial spirit combined with strong work ethics & drive to overcome the challenges. A passionate people leader who delights in helping individuals reach their full potential.
Vision & experience to build and manage the strategic and tactical plans for meaningful Impact. Accomplished forward-thinking enterprise leader with a strong track record of leading positive change in Pharma & Payer environments.

Experience in Key Therapeutic areas , Oversight– Med Affairs, HEOR / Market Access,
Pharmacovigilance, Field med teams, Evidence generation, med communications including publications, call center management .

Excellence in innovation – Developed integrated MA strategy & planning platform for meaningful Impact, adoption of novel strategies for Market access & HEOR ,Evidence generation & Translation with the perspective to provide 'Continuum' & decision support to external stakeholders.Developed tools such as Relative medical Value framework to harmonize Innovation with Patient - Centric Value

Customer/Marketplace experience with a major US payer, led multiple initiatives including disease management, quality improvement, and formulary and utilization management. As a pharma exe developed strong network with Europe and US Regulatory and HTA/payer leaders.