Michelle Hart-Guyot

Co-Founder and Vice President

Innovative Healthcare Delivery

As Co-Founder of IHD, Michelle shared the vision of developing a mission driven company that  focuses on improving efficiencies while enhancing patient experience in the healthcare delivery system. With 10 years experience in the healthcare field, Michelle’s key roles include managing operations and developing marketing strategies and initiatives prior to IHD, Michelle was a founding partner of ECCO Health, where she directed ECCO Health’s Practice Management division.

During her tenure, the company maintained revenue growth of over 25% per year and grew it’s client base to over 200 physicians nationwide, which lead to ECCO Health being acquired by a large healthcare software company. She has extensive knowledge of the contracting, physician quality initiatives as well as revenue cycle management.

At ECCO Health she had the opportunity to work with healthcare providers across the continuum, while maintaining partnerships with physicians nationwide. Her experience led to a unique understanding of healthcare delivery from both providers’ and patients’ perspective. A native of Las Vegas, Michelle holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the UNLV.