Current Initiatives

Entitlement Reform


  • Provide leadership for a Medicare Action Coalition strategy to assure no additional cuts to Medicare Advantage
  • Educate policy makers, government officials and stakeholders on the value to Medicare Advantage
  • Promote Accountable Care results and other outcome focused fee-for-service results

The Role and Value of Health Technology Innovations


  • Educate agencies, policymakers and industry members on the latest trends and opportunities in health technology innovations – showcase success of members
  • Shape policies regarding mobile medical devices, mobile medical applications, telehealth and other remote or mobile technologies
  • Facilitate payment and reimbursement policies to complement health innovations
  • Promote ways that enhance behavioral health IT coordination

The Value of Wellness and other PHM strategies


  • Educate agencies and policymakers on appropriate design and implementation of wellness and incentive strategies
  • Support legislation that revises CBO scoring of wellness, prevention and health promotion programs
  • Shape payment and reimbursement policies to complement wellness programs
  • Assure consistency of guidelines between DOL, EEOC and HHS

Payment and Care Delivery Model Improvements


  • Analyze existing reimbursement strategies and payment system reform proposals
  • Craft policy statements that outline how to design and deploy key features of a PHM payment/ reimbursement model
  • Ensure PHM tools and services are adequately captured in reimbursement/ payment model proposals
  • Educate policymakers on how to design and deploy payment/ reimbursement strategies to complement improvements in health care delivery